Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to use the SYSTEM to introduce LIVING BENEFITS

The "Low Hanging Fruit" is the fruit that is the easiest to pick.   If you are part of Freedom Equity Group, the Low Hanging Fruit that is right in front of all of us is the 149,000,000 individual life insurance policies that are in force in the United States.  

About 99% of them are the old-fashioned kind that you have to actually DIE to use.

It's 7 times more likely that any one of us will have a heart attack, stroke, or cancer and LIVE than just dieing on the spot, so a policy with FULL LIVING BENEFITS provides 700% more coverage and the cost is often the same, and sometimes even LESS, than what those folks are ALREADY PAYING!

That means that they can often get 700% more coverage... and therefore 700% more VALUE... by replacing their old fashioned policy with the new modern insurance with FULL LIVING BENEFITS, and they can often do it without spending more than they are currently spending.

That's what I call a real "No Brainer"...  it's just like refinancing your mortgage every time rates drop by 2%... it just makes sense.

Some portion of those 149 million are no longer insurable,  but what if 70% still ARE insurable?   That's 104,000,000 policies that need to be replaced.... they are EVERYWHERE!

Our new Business Development System has a specific educational funnel" just for introducing this new modern life insurance with FULL LIVING BENEFITS to everyone you know ... and we have just added a 90 second "pique interest call" to your arsenal so that you don't even have to know what to say.   All you have to do is call everyone and simply ask them if they have two minutes right now.

To learn how to use the whole system, from the first call to the sale, watch the video below.

Take notes... watch it twice... then JUST DO IT!

Take 15 day "test drive" for just $1.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Mastering the Inviting Process - Warm Market

The WARM MARKET is people you already know and who know you.    The LOCAL MARKET is people you don't know yet who live close enough to get face-to-face with, and the NATIONAL MARKET is people you don't know yet who are further away.

We have effective strategies for reaching each of these markets, but there is NO QUESTION that you will have the fastest and best results in the WARM MARKET.  


Because  people like to do business with people they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.... and you already have the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factor established in your Warm Market.

On Monday for our PRESIDENTS CLUB web meeting,  the subject was WARM MARKET INVITING.    Click here to watch the recording of the training on the "2 Reasons" script.  (21 minutes)

There are three new scripts for Warm Market inviting in the Team Synergy Dropbox which is linked off the RESOUCES page on this blog.   Or you can click here to go straight to the WARM MARKET SCRIPTS folder.

They are in Word format so that you can edit them to sound like you rather than like me, but keep the brevity and the flow because these scripts work VERY well.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Why start with "WHY"?

Thanks to MATTHEW CLASSEN for sharing the link to a POWERFUL video of a "TED Talk" by Simon Sinek on the subject of How Great Leaders Inspire Action.     This video is worth watching multiple times and taking notes!  You can watch it here.

One of the key take-aways from Sinek's talk is the power of "Starting with WHY".

We talked about that and how you can apply it to your advantage on our weekly Team Synergy "Power Recruitng" web meeting today.   Click here to watch the recording.   (14 mins)

RIGHT AFTER you watch the recording, STOP.    Don't do anything else until you take action
on clarifying your own WHY.     

What is your PURPOSE or CAUSE that will attract clients and partners?     Get clear on your WHY,  keep it in front of your DAILY, and learn how to lead with your WHY in your communications ... then you will be following the pattern of the most successful and inspiring companies and leaders in the world.

Freedom Equity Group is on a CRUSADE to help Americans Retire With Dignity and to educate
American families about the new modern life insurance that you don't have to die to use.

We will make a HUGE difference,  one family at a time.

This is not only a business worthy of our energy because of the money we can earn, it is also
A CAUSE WORTHY of OUR PASSION because the money we earn is only a function of how many families we have touched with these powerful new finanical products that can make such a big difference!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Introducing the new Team Synergy TEAM BUILDING SYSTEM...

After almost a year in the planning and more than 2 months of intensive development, we are excited to introduce the first phase of the Team Synergy TEAM BUILDING SYSTEM.

You can "test drive" the new system for $1 for the first 15 days. After that the cost is only $24.95 per month.


Phase 1 includes 5 marketing funnels, 2 for products and 3 for recruiting,  a "Warm Market Wizard",  an Article Marketing tool, and much more.... but this is only the beginning ;-)

Watch this overview video with Scott Hache, the President and CEO of Platinum Synergy, the company that is developing this powerful system for Team Synergy and friends of Team Synergy...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

YOU squared! How to take a Quantum Leap in personal effectiveness...

You Squared is a POWERFUL little booklet that I highly recommend. 

Here's an excerpt from the first page...

"Right now, in this moment, you are capabable of EXPONENTIAL IMPROVEMENT in your performance.  You can MULTIPLY your personal effectiveness, hit new highs, and shatter your previous achievement records.  The results you can have will be hard for you to imagine.

You don't have to settle for things as they are now.  That can change.  Dramatically.  If you're ready, life is prepared to give you a breakthrough experience.  You can jump to a higher orbit of achievement and enjoy a completely different plane of success."

After the "Sneak Peek" at the new Team Synergy Business Development System that we are launching next Saturday, March 29,  we took a quick tour through this... click here to listen.

And DON'T miss next Saturday's Power Recruiting web meeting when we'll unveil the new system!

You can purchase YOU SQUARED on Amazon.com...