Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Increase You Sales Up To 300% REGARDLESS of Your Industry, Company, or Product!

"What if you could increase your closing ratio... and your commissions... by up to 300%?"

An old friend asked me a question similar to that a couple of months ago and my reply was "that's impossible"... or words to that effect.  

Then she said, "I know you think it's impossible, but what if it wasn't... what if you really could do that?    Actually, what if you could only increase your sales by 50%... would you want to know how others are actually doing that and more?"

Now I'm skeptical, but I'm not stupid.   And the woman who asked me that question is one of the top online marketers and coaches in the world, so I told her I'd watch a webinar...

What I found out is that it actually IS possible to increase our sales up to 300%,  anybody can do it,and the methodology takes learning, but it's actually simple and effective.

The video below is a quick introduction to this breakthrough communications methodology.

If you like what you see, the next step is to play a simple 90 second game that will tell you a lot a about yourself and will introduce you to a new training program that can increase your sales and your influence, both professionally and personally, up to 300%.  

Watch the video first, then click here to Play The Game... then check your email for the results.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The BEST "Door Openers" for the 2 BEST Markets for Life Insurance...

The 2 BEST markets for Life Insurance right now are EVERYONE who does not yet have LIVING BENEFITS, and BUSINESS OWNERS.   This video describes AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE "Door Openers"  for those markets... check it out.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Mach II - Section 1 - The ONE CHANGE that can change EVERYTHING for you....

Mach II With Your Hair On Fire is a very short and easy to read little book... and it has the information you need to literally transform your life if you absorb what the authors is saying and implement what he is teaching.   You can download the eBook here for free.

The first chapter tells his story of going from barely making it through high school in Bakersfield California and being a chicken cutter at the Zachy Farms chicken plant to being a multi-millionaire featured on the cover of Success Magazine by age 33.     That's what you call a transformation...

In this video we cover chapters 2 and 3 which lay the foundation for the simple but life-changing excercises in the remainder of the book.   We covered those two chapters tonight... here's the video.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

FEG's Business Loan Funding Portal

Hey Guys , BIG NEWS!

Freedom Equity Group has added a powerful new for your business and thereby dramatically expanded the FEG opprotunity!

What I am talking about are the recent additions of both the Business Value Builders affiliate program, and the brand new FEG Business Loan Funding Portal in partnership with Connect Lending.

What you need to do now....

1.  Go to BusinessValueBuilders.com and click the AFFILIATES link on the top menu bar.  Enroll
     as a BVB Affiliate ($100 affliate fee is waived for FEG agents) and go through the BVB affiliate
     training ASAP!

2.  Go to www.connectlending.com/feg  and click the link under the LOGIN button that says

If you don't have an account with us yet you can sign up here"

3.  log in to your connectlending.com/feg site and click HELP? to open the drop down menu.
Read the FAQ and watch the tutorial video.

Here's the recording of the overview webinar...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

What NOT to do on Linked In...

Every social network has it's own style and etiquette and if you want to generate leads from that network, you must adhere to the style and etiquette of that network.

Linked In is the best "fishing pond" for insurance professionals, because it is THE professional network, and because there are 280 MILLION members of Linked In and the average income is over 90,000 US dollars per year.

So you may want to learn how to be effective on Linked In... and it is CRITICAL that you have a strong profile on Linked In because whether YOU use Linked In or not, your CLIENTS will  check you out on Linked In.   To learn about the basics of your profile, check our post here.

If you are going to work the "Linked In Goldmine", then you need to know the etiquette.   I found this brief, fun, and accurate article about what NOT to do on Linked In... this is a good place to start...

So, since September is just a month away (don't shoot the messenger, I like summer as much as the next person), I thought it'd be a good time to revisit the LinkedIn networking skills we should all keep in mind as we connect with new people. I've been on the receiving end of all of these LinkedIn connection faux pas, and they've all caused me to reject the invitation to connect immediately. So, it's a sample set of one, but seriously, I think we can all agree these things are no bueno. Take a look, and let me know if I missed any.... Read the whole article on Hubspot.com here.

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