Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Paid Advertising & Building Your LOCAL Market

Watch the training and Paid Advertising and Building Locally, then scroll below
for an introductory discount on ClearFit ads.

WE have arranged an introductory discount of $50 for Team Synergy members
and friends with ClearFit, wich is an ad "aggregator".

When you place an ad with ClearFit  on their PLUS program (recommended)
for $549,  they run that ad in for 30 days one city on CareerBuilder, Monster,
SimplyHired, Indeed, and Craigslist.   

That saves you about $400 versus the cost of placing those ads yourself, 
AND it saves you about two hours or more of your most precious asset... your time!

Their Basic Pkg is $349 and includes all except CareerBuilder and Linked In. 
Their Plus Pkg is $549 and includes CareerBuilder, so you are getting the CB ad for $200
Their Pro pkg is $849 and adds Linked In for an extra $300.

I recommend the Pro pkg because we have had great results with CB and you're
getting it for half what you would normally pay.    I do NOT recommend the
Pro pkg because $300 is too much for an ad on LinkedIN.

Here's the link to get your $50 discount on your first order:


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Business Value Builder - Opening Relationships with Business Owners!

Last week on the Team Synergy weekly training webinar we talked about the importance of "Leading With VALUE" in order to open relationships, and to build "authority" and "trust".  

Business Value Builders is a company that offers a "value package" for business owners.  The just created an Affiliate Program that allows FEG agents to use BVB as a way to "Lead With Value" and open the door to every business owner in your area that you care to call on, whether it's retail businesses, CPAs, attorneys, restaurants, hair salons... you name it, BVB has value that those owners will want to know about!    Watch this recording of the training by JIM BLAND, General Manager of BVB on our weekly training on June 30...


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Leading With VALUE

Leading with VALUE is the key to connecting and opening relationships.

Watch this recording of the training we did yesterday to learn how to do that...

Monday, June 9, 2014

Review, Refresh, and REFOCUS!

We are halfway through 2104.   If you are not on track for your goals, it's time to...

REVIEW - what you are doing so you can ADJUST

REFRESH -  your energy and enthusiasm

REFOCUS - on your VISION and your GOALS so that you can maintain MOTIVATION.

Watch the recording of today's Team Synergy training webinar...  I got huge personal value from preparing this training... and I know that you will to if you TAKE NOTES and IMPLEMENT the suggestion at the end of the video...

Saturday, May 31, 2014

How To Interview Candidates

IF you want to build a strong and profitable business in Freedom Equity Group, then you need to find and recruit strong leaders.    This compensation plan is so powerful that we just need to develop 3-7 key leaders to earn a multiple 6 figure income, so it's NOT about recruiting an army,  it's about recruiting a FEW strnog, highly-motivated partners, getting them plugged into the system, and then locking arms with them to build a profitable business partnership together.

On today's training call which you can watch below, we talked about how to interview the candidates responding to your advertising, social media, etc in order to find those few strong partners.

Be sure to tune in to our LIVE PROSPECTING CALLS to hone your interviewing skills.